Parties, Weddings, Singing Telegrams…

Call 801-262-5083 or email to receive a quote or to make a reservation for a Wedding, Party Splash, or Private Show and A Salty Dinner Theater Member will help you plan your awesome event. Thank you.

Reserve your PARTY SPLASH! of entertainment soon!

  • Halloween Party
    • The Sanderson Sisters could crash the party sing a song and make a grand exit.
    • Surprise Zombie Attack, maybe?
  • Grandma’s Birthday Party
    • Invite entertainers from the year she was born stop by to host games with all of the attendees!
  • Christmas Party
    • Authentic carol singers at your door.
    • Invite Santa to crash the party.
  • We can fit ANY theme to liven up ANY event!
    • We will create it especially for your party.
    • Make it an event people will be talking about.
    • AND when I say we will fit it to any budget.  We mean ANY budget!


  • DJ’s
  • Wedding Singers
  • Theme Weddings
    • Maybe we could be the paparazzi at your Red Carpet Wedding!
  • Grand Send-off
    • We can do something WAY better than the boring “throw rice” tradition.

 Corporate Events & Work Parties

  • A Full Show for your staff
  • Or a quick entrance to embarrass the boss
    • At the very least it will be WILDLY entertaining for everyone else!

 Singing Telegrams.

  • Any time.
  • Any place.
  • Any Character.
  • MUCH better than a flower delivery. 🙂