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Salty Dinner Theater

Appearing in several restaurants around the valley.


About the Show

Salty Dinner Theater, which ABC 4 describes as “bringing a twist to traditional on-stage classics,” combines professional actors and proficient chefs to stage productions performed at area eateries. Audience members gobble supper as performers interact with them before and during the production. Regularly inhabiting The Old Spaghetti Factory, Joe Morley’s Smoked Beef & Bar-B-Q, and Mimi’s Café, among other locales, the show-accompanying meals range from scratch-made baked lasagna with ground beef and pork to a pound of succulent smoked-beef brisket.

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“We laughed, sang, smiled, and even danced in our seats or around the room! IT WAS AWESOME!”

Tamara H.

Come experience interactive comedy dinner theater!

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