Q. How much are tickets?

A. 16 dollars for adults. 10 dollars for kids age 3 to 12. Special events priced separately.

Q. What age is considered a kids ticket?

A. Ages 2 to 12 are considered a kids ticket.

Q. After I buy my tickets, what do I do?

A. Just show up on the night of the show. You don’t need any physical tickets, your name automatically goes on to our will call list. Just give your name at the door.

Q. Is Dinner included in the price of tickets?

A. No dinner is not included in the price of the tickets. Dinner is sold separately by the restaurant.

Q. What is the price range for dinner?

A. Dinner prices range depending on what you choose.

Q. Are there options for vegetarians, non-gluten eaters and cannibals?

A. There are Gluten free and Vegetarian options at each location. We don’t have any options for cannibals, we are morally against cannibalism.

Q. When does the show start, when should I arrive?

A. Shows start at 7:30. You will want to arrive at about 7:15

Q. Is it audience interactive?

A. Oh ya!! There are some audience contests, and lots of chances to dance and clap along with our singer. But, if you are shy, we will let you stay in your seat and enjoy it as a spectator. We won’t drag you in against your will.

Q. What about kids?

A. We like kids! Our shows are always family friendly, good for grown-ups and kids alike.

Q. How do I change my reservation once its made?

A. email us at info@saltydinnertheater.com

Q. How did you guys get to be so awesome?

A. Baby, we were born this way!

Q. What is the least expensive way to see all of your seriously awesome shows?

A. Season tickets! We never offer any discounts lower than the price of our season tickets.