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We’ve Got Answers

We’ve also got dad jokes, but nobody ever asks for those…

What can I expect?

Pick a restaurant and buy tickets. Arrive between 7:00 and 7:15
Give your name at the door, and we will seat you.
Order dinner, and mingle with the characters (this part is super fun!)
Now begins our special and hilarious take on a classic story, performed all around you.
Dinner is served in the middle of the show, kind of like an intermission, but there will be songs, contests and dancing during the dinner break.
It’s audience interactive, but if you are the shy or quiet type, that’s ok! Just sit back and watch the show and the goings on. We will never pressure you to participate if you don’t want to.
The show continues after dinner service. The plot begins to seriously unfold.
Dessert is served, and we enjoy more songs! Sing along, dance even! if you get that familiar twitch of rhythm in your hips, show us your moves.
And now, back to the show for the exciting or hilarious, or even romantic conclusion.
The shows usually end by about 9:15. Take a picture with the cast on your way out.
Find pictures of the show later on our Facebook page. Dream about our gorgeous and hunky actors, and send us an email pledging your undying love for us (this part is optional).

How much are tickets?

Tickets to our shows are $18 for adults, $14 for kids. Special events, Santa Nights, and benefit shows have pricing that varies.

Special events priced separately.

Do I need to bring printed tickets?

You do NOT need to bring any printed or digital tickets with you! Once you reserve your tickets, you will be added to our show list for that night. All you need is the name you made the reservation under and you will be permitted in.

Also, if you did not get an email receipt of your order, please make sure to check your spam folder!

What age is considered a kids ticket?

Ages 5 to 13 are considered a kids ticket.

After I buy my tickets, what do I do?

Pat yourself on the back, you’ve done a good thing.
Then, just show up on the night of the show, at around 7 (the show starts at 7:30. You’ll want to arrive a little early for seating, and mingling with the characters) after purchasing, your name automatically goes on our show list, no need to bring a printed ticket or confirmation.

Is dinner included in the price of tickets?

No. Dinner is sold separately by the restaurant. None of our gift certificates or vouchers include dinner either. In all circumstances, dinner is sold separately.

What is the price range for dinner?

Price ranges at each restaurant, and always depends on what you order, and is always optional. For more details, visit our locations page.

Are there options for vegetarians, non-gluten eaters and cannibals?

There are Gluten free and Vegetarian options at each location. We don’t have any options for cannibals, we are morally against cannibalism.

When does the show start and when should I arrive?

Shows start at 7:30. You will want to arrive at about 7:15.

Is it audience interactive?

Oh ya! There are some audience contests, and lots of chances to dance and clap along with our singer. But, if you are shy, we will let you stay in your seat and enjoy it as a spectator. We won’t drag you in against your will.

What about kids?

We like kids! Our shows are always family friendly, good for grown-ups and kids alike.

Keep in mind, everyone has a different definition of “family friendly”. If you are worried about it, or are maybe a little extra careful, email [email protected] and we can give you more specifics about the show you are considering.

How do I change my reservation once its made?

Email us at [email protected].

Or send a carrier pigeon with a wax stamped letter. That might not work, but please, for the love of salt somebody try it!!!

How did you guys get to be so awesome?

Baby, we were born this way!

What is the least expensive way to see all of your seriously awesome shows?

Season tickets! We never offer any discounts lower than the price of our season tickets.

How can I get a refund?

Sorry we do not offer refunds. But we will give you a credit so that you can use it for a future show.

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers (we’ve also got a storage unit full of beanie babies, pogs and velvet cat posters… Hey, we all have things in our past that we aren’t proud of).